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If you're looking for someone to edit and/or proofread your novel, you've come to the right place!  (If you're looking for info on editing services for blog posts and school papers, keep scrolling.)

First things first: I work on a 25-page basis.

As much as we writers hate to admit it, the opening pages of your novel will determine a lot of things for your readers, no matter how amazing your last 100 pages are.  So This setup also gives us the chance to see how we work together without dropping hundreds of dollars and a lot of time.  There's no need for either of us to come back if we aren't connecting.

So what happens?  You pay me for the 25 pages.  I receive the document.  I print it out.  I take a red pen to the pretty pages.  I spend as much time on them as they need, because words are precious (but I will give you a time estimate according to my queue).  When I'm done, I ship the pages back to you.  You make the changes.  If you have questions or would like to further discuss your story or break down my notes, we can do a Skype session or two.  Plus, my email inbox is always open.

From there, we decide: Are you going to adjust accordingly and move on, or do you want me to look at the rest of your novel?  When we get to this point, we can discuss further payment and how we want to go about the rest of your novel.

If this sounds like a process that will work for you, head over HERE for more info on pricing.


This is pretty basic/self-explanatory.  I am willing to edit school papers (grade level) and blog posts.

With papers, I will do as much as walking you or your child through the process of writing the paper.  We can discuss topic and content, as well as going through several drafts of the paper together to make sure it's pristine.  If you just want me to look over the paper and proofread the details - grammar, clarity, typoes, etc - I can do that as well.

If you're looking for blogging help, beware that I only do proofreading, not content editing.

If either of these is something you're interested in, I have the prices up HERE.

If you have something else I haven't listed that you want me to look over, please feel free to email me!  I'm always up for a challenge and new ideas.

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